Arise, Sir Darwin!

I am amazed that Barbados has so far not ennobled the commissioner of police of RBPF like its counterpart in UK. The metropolitan police commissioner is given the title “Sir” by the sovereign, after a relatively short spell in the post. That title stays with him even after he retires.

All (male) chief constables in the UK, as far as I am aware, are also ennobled and carry the title “Sir”.

When will the Barbados authorities acknowledge and recommend for ennoblement our excellent commissioner of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Darwin Dottin, a superb, transparent, top public servant and policeman’s policeman who has the forces’s loyalty!

Let’s very soon hear/read “Arise, Sir Darwin!”

— Jerry Hall

Sutton, Surrey, UK

One Response to Arise, Sir Darwin!

  1. m. lewis January 5, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    Jerry, sorry you live in England. What does “Sir” really mean ?Surely we know better now. A person’s good intention is his achievement of being human.


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