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A passionate and hysterical attack on me — David Comissiong — was published in the December 31 edition of Barbados Today under the headline of The Real Truth, and was attributed to one David Speiler.

The writer was purporting to take me to task for my criticism of the action of our Barbados Government in refusing to vote for the resolution to accord Palestine “observer status” at the United Nations, as well as for my empathy with the Palestinian people and my denunciation of the political movement known as Zionism.

In his pathetic and hysterical attempt to discredit my views, Speiler resorted to the nefarious and well worn tactics of personal attack and the planting of “factual untruths”.

The biggest such “factual untruth” was Speiler’s bold-faced assertion that I, David Comissiong, went to Iran in the year 2000 and entered into a conspiracy with the Iranians to attack or discredit the state of Israel at the 2001 United Nations World Conference Against Racism.

This assertion is so far fetched and ridiculous that it calls into question Speiler’s state of mind! The simple fact is that I have never visited the country of Iran; I have absolutely no contact with the government of Iran; and in fact I don’t even know a single Iranian!

Speiler also descended to the dirty tactic of putting words in to my mouth! So, for example, he claims that I described the Palestinians as the “black Africans of the Middle East”. But if one searches my entire article from the beginning to the end one will never find the phrase “black Africans of the Middle East”!

What I did do however, was to draw to the attention of our Governmental officials that of all the people in the contemporary world it is the Palestinians who come closest in their suffering to what our ancestors experienced as black or African people.

Clearly, Speiler was forced to resort to such despicable desperation tactics because he could not contend head-on with the basic truth of my explanation of the core of the Palestinian issue, which I stated as follows:

“One hundred years ago, the land of Palestine belonged to approximately 700,000 Muslim and Christian Arabs who had lived there for hundreds of years in relative peace with a few thousand adherents of the religion of Judaism.

“But unfortunately for these peaceful inhabitants of Palestine, hundreds of miles away in Europe, members of the European Jewish middle and elite classes were in the process of establishing a Jewish nationalist movement dedicated to the construction of a materially powerful, exclusively Jewish, nation-state. This movement was labelled ‘Zionism’ and ultimately set its eyes upon the land of Palestine as the desired location for its Jewish state”.

I also explained that “there is a distinction — a big distinction — between the political movement of Zionism and the great and humane religion of the Jews known as Judaism”, and went on to describe the process in which “the Zionist Jews of Europe and North America, acting in cahoots with the political and economic elites of Britain and the United States of America, have imposed the most horrific type of genocidal settler colonialism upon the Muslim and Christian Arabic people of Palestine”.

Ultimately, Speiler attempts to justify the dispossession and the†cruel punishments and injustices that have been inflicted on the Palestinian people by the Zionists (not the Jews), by claiming that an entity that he calls Israel has a claim to the land of Palestine “that goes back 3,000 years”.

As far as he is concerned, the Zionists were therefore† entitled to come from Europe or elsewhere in the world and simply†take the land of Palestine because, in Speiler’s words,†they†were fulfilling a “Biblical prophecy”.

It therefore does not matter to Speiler or those who think like him that the Muslim and Christian Arabs of Palestine were peacefully living in homes and on land that they and their forefathers had occupied for as long as they could remember, or that the taking of the land was accomplished with heart-rending violence and oppression!

In my humble opinion this is a horrible and perverted use of sacred scriptural texts to justify the most un-godly and evil behaviour, and the†blasphemy is compounded by their claim to be†acting in the holy name of God Himself!†But, this is typical of the Zionists! They will do whatever is necessary to advance their agenda, including exploiting the sympathy evoked by the historical suffering of the Jewish people.

Furthermore, this is not my view alone! Many Israelis are indeed “tolerant, multi-racial and non-racist”, and†many of them also†regularly denounce the excesses and injustices of Speiler’s precious Zionists; but one would never glean even a hint of this from the spiel of hysterical, heartless and amoral propaganda that emanated from Speiler!

Thank God that the vast majority of the international community is gradually coming to recognise the rightness of the Palestinian cause and†is†embracing the notion of bringing some form of justice to the long-suffering people of Palestine, even if it means having to stand up to vilification†dispensed by†the Israeli and US governments.

My only regret is that my Barbados government has apparently not yet seen the light, and therefore continues to give comfort to the David Speilers of this world.†

— David Comissiong,

President of the Peoples Empowerment Party

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