Election circus

I want to start by wishing you all a wonderful 2013, with the best of health and some change in your pockets also.

I know some of us have made resolutions that will of course be forgotten by the time the weekend comes, and before this year comes to an end we will be looking at making for 2014. All the promises we try to make to ourselves we find hard to maintain or keep in anyway, so therefore we should not be too hard on others who don’t keep theirs to us.

I refer mainly to the politicians, who we all know make the world of promises that they will never be able to deliver. I must say that even though we tend to know it is what it is we seem to find comfort and belief in them somehow, and throw our support behind them even if we end up blasting them after.

This is election year and that means we will be getting lots of promises made by our beloved candidates. Silly season will start early for 2013 and all the dirty laundry will be thrown around for the whole island to see — and smell in some cases. If you think the explosion in Parliament with Duguid was a smelly one, just wait until the circus starts and the big elephants and political gorillas drop down their loads, much to our amusement.

Admit it people, we just love the circus they put on.

I am going to be a little physic here and say that elections will be called late February. No matter what though, I am sure that it will all be history by Crop-Over 2013. Kid Site and Classic will have their ears tuned for the sake of material. Must say many more of us will be taking a crack at the results too.

I will go as far as to say there will be a few casualties on the ruling side and the return of a few previously beaten candidates on the side of the Opposition. I also see a young upstart entering parliament on his first try and making his opponent feel a bit low at the outcome. I am also a bit concerned about the future of Parliament’s best pedestrian. A good guy he is but you know what they say about good guys.

I don’t want to keep it all to the political scene but there isn’t much more entertaining than Parliament these days. As far as the entertainers go locally, all will be gunning for Michael Mercer in the soca competitions. Ricky Reid will be out to avenge his runner-up spots of last season and will have his heart set on turning the tables.

As for the calypso competition goes, we don’t expect to see RPB try to put another one in the bag, but expect to see the Cave Shepherd All Stars go after the title which they felt was theirs last year. Expect to see a calypsonian who always says he is finished, returning to the scene and with the abundance of material from the then past election they too should not be short of a competitive shot.

No matter what, I look forward to elections being the biggest thing for 2013. We have our expectations but I feel a surprise is in store and with the low voter turnout I am predicting, I am once again asking the political leaders not to be too fast in calling the movers.

This year will be a tough one no matter what so I hope we are all prepared to deal with the ride ahead. I don’t see any saviour on the horizon so I am looking at creating my own survival tactics. Hope you are up to do the same. Here is to 2013 once more. Superstitious or not it will be one to surely try our luck at.

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