BSTU meeting given go ahead

BSTU president shares a light moment with Sir Roy Trotman yesterday at Solidarity House.

The Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union has an opportunity to air its concerns about the transfers of teachers from Alexandra School tomorrow.

President Mary Redman told Barbados TODAY that the union was given the go ahead to meet with the officials from the Ministry of Education after their meeting yesterday was “terminated” when their legal counsel Hal Gollop attended.

The trade union leader said she spent the day responding to queries from concerned teachers who are headed back to the classroom in four days, and sorting through information gathered during the meeting with members yesterday afternoon.

One of the concerns raised by the teachers then, she said, was that some of those who never taught the CAPE syllabus would now have to do so.

“We’re dealing with a situation where school based assessments, at both fifth form and sixth form levels, are due in the middle of the term, in less than eight weeks and teachers are being sent to teach at CAPE level who’ve never taught before and they now have to deal with SBAs at that level having never done so before.

“There are teachers in other schools who have to literally write the SBA, for example the IT teachers … and if therefore those teachers who know what they have done in terms of the syllabus and the areas they concentrated on that therefore write the SBA topic and so on, for the students to do they have been transferred.

“The person coming will not know what has been done, how it has been done, how to write the SBA. There has been no thought to a hand-over process, no continuity, so people are going into a totally new environment,” Redman told Barbados TODAY.

She noted that repercussions of the shift of the 40 administrators and teachers involved was “horrendous and this madness must be addressed and addressed expeditiously”.

Last Friday, letters were delivered to some of the 18 teachers.

Principal Jeff Broomes, accompanied by General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, collected his letter yesterday afternoon from the Ministry of Education’s Elsie Payne Complex.

The transfer of teachers from, and to, the Queen Street, Speightstown, St. Peter school, is the latest development in the ongoing saga the century old institution has been embroiled in. (DS)

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