BEC open to hearing SHaW Act concerns

Labour department employees have been busy in recent weeks bringing workers and employers up to date on the SHaW Act, which is now law in Barbados.

The union which represents local private sector employers is prepared to put any concerns they have about newly proclaimed safety and health legislation to Government.

But the Barbados Employers Confederation is urging companies to relay their concerns to it so they can be forwarded to Government.

On Monday the Safety And Health At Work Act was proclaimed, several years after it was approved by Parliament.

In communication to its members last month preceding this outcome, the BEC encouraged them to respond to a survey “which has been forwarded to you in an effort to develop baseline data, which will assist the BEC in making any representation to Government as it relates to SHaW Act, 2005 compliance”.

“The Barbados Employers Confederation continues in its efforts to promote the development and maintenance of sound occupational health and safety approaches and practices among our members,” it said.

“We do this because we believe that this is good business, the healthier the workforce the more productive the workforce. The employer, owner and occupier all need information about the changes which the proclamation of this legislation will have.”

The organisation also told members that the new legislation “gives safety and health officers certain power and authority that all workplaces need to be aware of”. This included safety and health officers being “able to issue improvement and prohibition notices where they observe conditions that are not in keeping with the provisions of the SHaW Act”.

“When an improvement notice is issued, the organisation would be allowed to continue the activity against which the notice was given while making the improvements required and stated on the notice. In the case of a prohibition notice however, the activity must be stopped until the required remedial or corrective action is taken,” the BEC said. (SC)

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