Reach for the sky

It is a new year!

How fast time flies. Every year we sit on our beds or somewhere quiet and reflect on what happened the previous year as we decide what our New Year’s resolutions will be. Most New Year’s resolutions are based on self development and improving our self worth. I am still not sure who came up with this idea but I don’t believe you should wait until a new year to change anything about yourself.

A new year to me brings hope and faith that things will get better. We leave the past year behind and look forward to brighter and better times, whether it is in our relationships, jobs or financial status. Some of us may be alone and looking for a relationship, while others may hope that in the new year more jobs become available. Whatever you wish for, anything is possible.

For me I am very proud to say that the Miss Big & Beautiful Organisation will be celebrating 10 years of pageantry in Barbados. Wow, what an achievement! I can still remember my first show way back in 2003. So many things have changed since that time while other things have remained the same.

Our principle of improving the self esteem and confidence of the full figured woman has not changed but the way we have structured the show has changed. We moved from having choreographed introductions on the stage to bringing the delegates on motorcycles to the stage. What a big leap!!

What would you say is your wish for 2013? I always believe that when we wish for what we want in life, we must always have a plan to achieve it. Sometimes we sit and wait on things to happen when what we really should be doing is putting plans in place.

Always reach for your goals, believe that anything is possible but never set unattainable goals — always know your boundaries. I’ve always heard “The sky’s the limit!”, but how then do we reach the sky?

What I wish for 2013 is that more jobs will become available for those who are unemployed; that the crime level will decrease along with the vehicular accidents that result in fatalities; and most of all, that the economic recession that we continue to face will pass.

Every day things are getting harder and harder and time is flying so fast that by the time you pay one bill another bill arrives.

I take this opportunity to wish you and the people of Barbados a prosperous 2013. May all your dreams and wishes come true this year and always remember, anything is possible when you believe! Have a wonderful week ahead!!

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