Dottin, a stellar cop

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin has been a standout police officer for more than four decades. That feat, sir, represents a lifetime of commitment. Does anyone remember that he came to the police force in the early 70s as an engineering phenomenon? Does anyone recall that he was granted special permission to participate in a promotion examination after having only served two years in the force when the policy at that time was that a police officer must complete at least four years of outstanding service before he or she was even considered worthy of participation in any promotion examination? Incidentally, Dottin passed that examination and many subsequent ones with flying colours!

Dottin was singled out for greatness not because of someone’s whim of fancy but because those in a position of influence recognised his immense talent and immeasurable devotion to his chosen profession.

Dottin could have pursued a profession with the prospects of more lucrative rewards but he wanted to serve his country in a manner which has had a profound positive impact on our society. I am convinced that he would have been an overwhelming success in any field of endeavour to which his fertile mind led him.

He has been the epitome of dedication to a relatively thankless profession. He goes about his duties with a quiet dignity devoid of any trace of hubris that one finds in other leaders. He made an oath to serve and protect everyone in our society and has never deviated for that solemn oath.

In a time when the fight against crime has become more challenging because of a growth in sophisticated technology coupled with the negative undue influence of foreign cultures, Dottin has held steadfast in his commitment to the people of Barbados. He, because of his innovative policies, has been able to maintain the crime rate at manageable levels. He has demonstrated time and again that he will leave no stone unturned until crime in Barbados has been reduced to a bare minimum.

We have accorded our country highest honour to politicians, businessmen, union leaders, et al. but we must not forget that the police commissioner is charged with providing an environment that is conducive to the success of the aforementioned professionals. Our current commissioner has provided that environment and deserves to be recognised for the sterling service he has given so selflessly to his country.

Unfortunately, we measure success by materialistic standards, but we should never measure success by the material acquisitions we accumulate during our lifetime but by the effectively positive images we project towards our children specifically and our society generally. Dottin has shown, unlike some other professionals, that he is willing to forgo remuneration for the common good.

The time has come, Sir, to confer upon our commissioner of police the title of Sir Darwin Dottin.

— Ronald S. Marshall

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