$50 million needed for new bridge

Paradise Island bridge.

NASSAU — The Bridge Authority would likely recommend to the government that it has to construct a third Paradise Island bridge, Authority Chairman Rory Higgs confirmed.

Higgs said a new bridge could cost around $50 million and the best option for financing the project might be issuing bonds.

“Right now the bridge is in need of repairs and it’s a fairly old bridge,” Higgs said.

“We are looking at options with regard to building a third bridge and the options would include or involve either taking down the first bridge and putting up a third bridge, or having the bridge remain for pedestrian crossing and putting up a third bridge, but because of the space requirements, it’s looking more like the option to take down that old bridge and put up a replacement bridge.

“It’s probably the option that we’re going to pursue.”

The bridge was built in the 1960s and Higgs indicated it has come to the end of its lifespan.

“We’ve had a number of studies done. There is a study or an appraisal that should be done every five years and we’ve had them completed and they have indicated that the bridge has pretty much exceeded its useful life,” he said.

Higgs said the Bridge Authority would like to have the new bridge constructed within a two-year period.

“Hopefully sooner, depending on the engineering method, the construction method that is used,” he said.

Higgs noted that the issue needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency. (Nassau Guardian)

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