Wishes for 2013

President of the YWCA, Paige Bryan

President of the Young Women’s Christian Association, Paige Bryan.

Outside of peace and joy to the entire mankind, I would like for young persons in Barbados to recognise how blessed we are, free health care, education, transport, and seriously think about donating some time to an organisation. I would like increased support and reduced vandalism to our compound.

Specifically at the YWCA, I wish for us to continue our programmes so we can be able to assist those in the and the biggest wish of all is for us to start construction on our Barbarees Hill home in 2013.

Veteran gospel artist, James Leacock

My wish for Barbados is that even though things are hard, Standard & Poors and Moody telling us what we are, we still know who we truly are. We don’t let that affect our smiles and how we treat one another or strangers. I am proud of my people that they are resilient to the pressures of the economic down turn and insist they are still going to have fun and make the best out of the little they have.

Anton Lovell, Vice President of the General Insurance Association Barbados

My wish is what I have been talking about for the whole year. I wish for motorists to drive more cautiously as we get into the new year, reduce their speeds and don’t use cell phones while driving or do not drink while driving. I wish that motorists desist from driving on the roads without the necessary insurance. My condolences goes out to all the relatives of road accident victims.

Philip 7 Entertainer

I wish for peace, love and prosperity. Right now things so hard so if we make it through 2013 I will just be happy. I keep it simple so all I am hoping is for Barbados and everybody to be prosperous.

DJ Indian 98.1 the one FM

I wish Barbados and the world all the best for the holiday season and in the new year. I want us to think positive and keep focussed on our goals and be the best that we can be. For the holidays, I want them to take it easy on the roads — don’t drink and drive, don’t go speeding.

DeeVine UK soca and reggae artist

I wish for people to love and show respect for themselves and others. To share within their communities, stop the bad mind, jealousy and embrace to help us all grown and move forward together as one.

Mikey, entertainer

I wish we would once again be our brother’s keeper. Look out for each other and love like we’ve never been hurt…

Deryck Murray, Director of the Pan African Commission

In the coming year, and beyond, I wish that all Barbadians would have blessings of health, wealth, good fortune and deep experiences of the truly beautiful. I wish, as well, that in acknowledgement of the start of the Decade of African Descendants, we reflect and call on our glorious African heritage and identity to reinforce our self-esteem for inspiration and confidence in constructing our own destiny of peace, prosperity, and justice.

Edwin, entertainer

My wish is for politicians, business houses to seriously think about the people and the fact that the economy is bad and ease them where ever. For every person to start looking towards being more mindful of orphans as one of them could be our future leader.

My resolutions are to stop cussing, eat better and live a healthier life.

Blood: A king of the stage: My wishes are for economic stability worldwide so people can live a little easier. Unemployment would decrease and productivity on a whole would increase.

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