Widespread disruption

When I learned of the wholesale transfer-cum-exchange planned for 36 senior teachers affecting over half of our public schools I was aghast – incredulous!

What on earth are the people in authority thinking? Have they taken collective leave of their senses? This is sheer madness to be undertaken at any time, but even moreso in the middle of the school year with not even adequate time allowed for any proper handover!†What are these people thinking? Are they thinking at all?

The implications of this widespread disruption to over half of our public schools are just staggering! What will be the impact on student academic performance? Special programmes? SBA’s? Student extra-curricular activities? Schools’ climates? Domestic situations? Yes, I presume teachers are normal people and have homes and families and transport concerns. And all must be settled within a week!

How thoughtful of those in charge!

And what to me is worst of all is that a man, who has been unmasked as a “manipulator of students”, is being allowed to infest yet another school as principal! What lunacy! Insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results!

The litany of woes that has been level at this man is long and also includes victimisation of teachers, unorthodox hiring practices, workplace bullying, creation of divisions, and broadcasting “inaccuracies”! Yet all these, along with his chilling “manipulation of students”, are not considered sufficient for this man to be relieved of the post of principal! Incredible!

What have we really come to as a people to accept, without so much as a whimper, such a morally repugnant and extremely dangerous state of affairs? Have apathy and cynicism found so deep a root in our society? Are decency and propriety dead? Are image and fluff more significant to us than reality and truth?

What has been made very clear to me is that we really aren’t serious about education in Barbados! We really have little concern for our students! We really have little or no value for the teachers of this nation!

What has been concocted by the powers-that-be is utterly unconscionable. It is just outrageous! Mark my words, this foolishness is guaranteed to spawn bare mayhem!

— Amanda Lindsay

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