Time to pay tribute to seniors


St. Michael West Central MP James Paul says that communities are not thanking their seniors enough.

MP James Paul saying “thank you” to the honorees.

“Too much today in our society, we have a situation where we do not recognise those persons who make a contribution to our lives. We take for granted sometimes the contribution that people make and it’s very important that, as a society, we recognise those contributions,” he said.

He was speaking at A Senior’s Appreciation Evening, held on Saturday at Ellerslie Secondary School, where 26 seniors who live in the St. Michael West Central constituency, were recognised for the roles they played in a range of areas, including education, nursing, maritime affairs.

Paul said that despite the fact that some of them were no longer active, they still continued to make a contribution. He added that as a parliamentary representative, it was his role to highlight those people.

He pointed out that sometimes “we don’t appreciate how the lessons from the past shaped the future” and in this age where laptops, iPads and BlackBerry phones were commonplace, people needed to put them away and find time to listen to and talk with the elderly folk.

Some of the recipients posed with MP James Paul after receiving their plaques and gifts.

What Paul also noted was that sometimes people tended to go for the “glitzy moments” and did not understand it was not only about that. The MP expressed the hope that other communities would follow in the path set by his team in St. Michael West Central and honour the elderly among them.

He encouraged politicians and the media to pay less attention the negative aspects of society, and instead focus on the positive.

The audience was treated to performances from Richard Stoute as well as some of the Teen Talent contestants, including Rashida Codrigton, Tasha Mathurin, Janelle Harding, Sherry Norris, and Desmond Fowl Weekes, who sang Christmas and popular songs.

There was also modelling, a comedic act by Rudolph Sandiford alias Theophilus Babsie Sandiford and an energetic dance by a Michael Jackson impersonator. (DS)

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