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Rarely in the recent few years have I seen such malevolence, half truths and sins of omission towards Jewish persons as in David Comissiong’s article on December 18.

Comissiong is furious at the Barbados Government for abstaining in the vote on whether to grant Palestine observer status at the UN. This vote, propagated by the Arab bloc, went against the 1993 Oslo Accords agreement signed between Palestine and Israel. What better reason for Barbados to abstain? It boggles the mind to see resolutions counter to law being tabled at the UN, knowing that they are illegal in premise.

Comissiong, a lawyer, is not satisfied with the abstention. He berates the Government of Barbados concerning its abstention, and then he goes on to fabricate a case.

Here are some of the inaccuracies Comissiong puts forth:

* Palestinians are the “black Africans of the Middle East” and are suffering a fate of racist oppression and colonial imposition at the hands of white Israel.

* Zionism is defined as Jewish fascism, in short Zionism is racism.

* Israel is a country founded on European colonial expansionism and oppression.

* The land belongs to the Palestinians. Israel has no claim to it (because they are white colonial oppressors) and Israel stole it to form a Jewish State.

* The wars fought were (quote, “with the aim of ultimately expelling the Palestinian Arabs”.

* Palestinians were driven from their lands and forced to seek refuge in deplorable camps in the neighbouring countries, Gaza and West Bank.

* Barbados needs to break the “tentacles” of neo-colonialism and form a utopian state.

For the edification of the writer of said inaccuracies outlined above and for the sake of Barbados:

* Each year, for 2000 years since their expulsion of the Jews from their capital, Jerusalem, Jews throughout the world during the ceremony of Passover, commemorate their liberation from slavery under Pharaoh; finish the rituals with the words, “Next Year in Jerusalem”.

How is it that neo-colonialists with no claim to the Biblical land of Israel have no claim to Israel now, as Comissiong ignores since even with the expulsion, a good remnant remained, and the rest fled world-wide, including Africa, India and the Middle East?

* Jews originated from Africa and all over the Middle East. The Diaspora, once expelled, was world-wide. Alluding that Jews are white European colonialists is a fabrication dear to the heart of racist organisations similar to the one run by Comissiong.

* Israel has a claim that goes back 3,000 years to the land. In fact, the word “Yerushalayim” (City of Peace) comes from the Hebrew language. Ponder that. Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) was built out by King David of the united Judah and Israel, and ruled by Solomon the wise. Palestine was a name given to the land of Israel after the expulsion of the Jews in AD 70 by the Romans. The ingathering and re-birth of Israel is therefore not a colonial episode that is going away. It is the culmination of a simple political movement (Zionism), where the Jews have returned to the land; and the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy that the Jews would someday return to their own land.

Let Comissiong know that Israelis are tolerant, multi-racial and non-racist, no matter how much he wishes to slander this state with his untruths.

* Comissiong states, “Zionism is Jewish Fascism”. No to you, Comissiong. No. Not true. That is the core inaccuracy you spent a whole article to teach. No matter how many times you say that statement it is a still not true. Zionism is the political movement that arose in the late 19th century that called the Jews back to their ancestral land, in view of the ongoing and countless racist horrors that people like you committed against us, and in your case spend time still trying to commit against Jews by way of misleading and mis-educating in your forums.

* You, Comissiong, went to Iran in the year 2000 to attend a pre-conference sponsored by Iran itself with this same agenda as its sole agenda, to push this lie at the 2001 conference of Racism and Xenophobia. The Iranian conference that you attended prior to the Conference on Racism and Xenophobia made a sham of the entire conference, demonised an innocent party while drawing the blinds on Iran and its friends.

But the impetus failed, and this agenda was exposed. The conspiracy which you agreed with, emanating from Iran, was exposed; and the attempts to coerce a vote that Zionism is racism came to nought. Nonetheless, Comissiong continues to vomit the same inaccuracies, and sad to say was facilitated by the Barbados Today.

Quote: “Wars were initiated and fought by Israel with the aim to expel Palestinian Arabs”. Another inaccuracy! The Arabs who took up arms and attacked in 1948, with huge odds and numbers against the paltry Jewish population, called the Arabs out of their homes stating it would be a short time of massacring the Jews and then they would return when the killing was done. But the Jews, who were the ones attacked, beat Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. And the attacks continue to this day, much via propaganda like that within the articled on December 18.

I can write many articles on many areas and enlighten both Comissiong and the Barbados Today readers, tomorrow and in the future, giving Barbados good lessons in history about the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate and the French Mandate which will surprise many people, who only read articles like these.

That Comissiong article was well-suited to the Middle Eastern Arab market, and I encourage Comissiong to go back to Iran again, and to publish his articles in that country.

I would also like to take opportunity to thank and commend the Barbados Government on its abstention, but regret that it approved other resolutions that are/were contrary to the Oslo Accords.

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