Plea for no more fatalities

Let’s complete the holidays with no more road fatalities.

That’s the plea of President of the National Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, Pastor Victor Roach, as he reminded Barbadians that, on this the final working day of the year, they were ushering in the New Year against the back-drop of 27 road fatalities.

Roach issued this reminder to motorists and pedestrians earlier today during an interview with Barbados TODAY. He noted that motor vehicle crashes increase especially during Christmas, New Year, Easter and Crop-Over festivities.

“Using the public roads is just not the concern of the driver, because motor vehicle deaths rob us of families, relatives, work colleagues, and patrons. These crashes create strains and stresses on our fire department, police department, health services and other economic resources,” Roach said.

The head of NCPADD said the signs of intoxication include impaired judgement, false sense of security, slow reaction time, narrowed peripheral vision, inflated egos and aggression.

“As we celebrate New Year’s Day, if you drink do not integrate it with leisure activities. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Do not drink and drive and have a designated driver or use public transport. We call on drivers and pedestrians to exercise caution for the benefit of all of us,” Roach cautioned.

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