Life’s a blessing

George Griffith, Executive Director Barbados Family Planning

As we approach the end of this year 2012 and prepare ourselves for welcoming the dawn of the new year 2013 one cannot help but acknowledge a tinge of ambivalence. I can reflect with much appreciation on the many reasons for giving thanks to a host of persons with whom I came into contact during the last year. The bright and cheerful exchange of greetings on the street, in the supermarket, a wave of the hand while driving on our busy streets from day to day and all those persons who sought me out for guidance or simply to bounce an idea off me. Those seemingly simple encounters brought me much pleasure during the past year and for that I am eternally grateful. On the other hand I have been saddened by the deteriorating economic conditions facing our country and by extension so many men, women and children who are bearing the brunt of these tough times. In addition and as I look forward to another birthday in the year ahead, I must admit that the passing of friends and acquaintances brings into sharper focus my own mortality and the fact that like my remaining peers, I would have lived for more years than I have remaining.

Happily the presence of three handsome grand sons ensures the continuity of the Griffith clan. That is a flattering reality for any grand father and for that I feel profoundly proud. So as I complete 45 years of public service and begin to embrace life beyond the trappings of office, the simple things in life take on a special and more enjoyable meaning, for example the trees on the property as they blossom, flower, bear fruit, give shade or even react to rain or the lack there of brings a level of fulfillment which could not be felt or appreciated at an earlier stage of development.

The ability to get out of bed unaided each morning, prepare and have breakfast or even sit on the patio and observe the sunrise is worth in terms of spiritual and emotional enjoyment much more than the proverbial “gold and silver”.

The journey of life offers limitless opportunities which are often there for the taking and are subject to our ability to embrace them based on individual levels of maturity, comprehension, perception, capacity and prevailing environmental conditions.

The bottom line however is the fact that we have one life and this is it, there are no reruns so what ever we do we must never forget that we are passing this way once and must make the best possible contribution where ever we happen to be while being fair to ourselves. By that I mean treasuring our physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health. So to all my friends and contacts I wish for you a healthy, happy and productive year 2013. You too can expect challenges of one kind or another during the coming year and I trust that you meet them with the strength, confidence and determination which hopefully will bring you the best results possible. As for me I am committed to being myself and using all the skills at my command in an effort to do the greatest good for the greatest number at what ever the cost. Life is a great experience let us all enjoy it to the max. †

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