Huge step forward

BlackBerry fans left out there, who are currently waiting on what can only be considered RIM’s last roll of the dice, would have been teased with a very blurry leaked picture on Christmas Eve of what was said to be a keyboard-equipped BB10 prototype.

Well the team from N4BB has apparently happened across some new, clear images of the device. This time however, the screen is actually powered on, dismissing many theories as to why it was just a dummy phone, and actually a member of RIM’s new N-Series, which along with the L-Series (full touchscreen), will fly the BlackBerry 10 flag come the end of January.

Information reaching the public thus far speculate the L-Series models will be very similar to the devices seen in many of the promos, with a 1280 x 768 OLED display, a first for BlackBerry, and sports a very impressive 356 pixels into every inch, putting it on par at least sharpness wise with the other smartphones it will be competing against.

The N-Series is more for the BlackBerry purists who cling desperately their physical keyboards. The N-Series shrinks the OLED display to 720 x 720, but still has a densely populated screen with 330 pixels per inch. Much else isn’t known about the devices at this point like CPU speed or memory capacities, but from what we have been seeing either the new OS is very light or the handsets are very powerful.

However, none of this will be going anywhere without a nod from a little group known as the FCC, and regulators have already put an unnamed BlackBerry device with a RFF91LW model number through the standard tests, giving it the green light for AT&T’s LTE and GSM bands. The FCC reports have indicated that at least three of the devices are currently running OS, but because of censorship the reports didn’t indicate whether they are L/N-Series devices or just some other Alpha devices which RIM will be handing out to developers.

So what do you guys think about BBOS 10? I personally think it’s too little and far too late. Thought it will bring BlackBerry users into the 21st century as it relates to an OS, it will just bring them on par with devices which are already out there, and not ahead. And with Google, Apple, HTC and Samsung already no doubt working on their next devices and OS, RIM will continue to be just one step behind the competition.

Again this will be a huge step forward for BB user, but much like the new BBM, which finally integrated Voice Over IP calls into the Blackberry OS, others have already integrated video chat, and have a host of third party apps which do the same, so this trend of one step behind will just continue.

With the unveiling date of January 30 drawing near, maybe I will be forced to eat some humble pie.

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