Rewarding hard work


Not only should the students who receive A’s and B’s in the Common Entrance Exam be rewarded, but also those people who tried extra hard to do their best.

Some of the students who received bicycles.

This morning at the Plantation Garden Theatre in St. Lawrence in Christ Church† Variety, the children’s charity, did just that. Based on one of the mobility programmes called Success Against All Odds, they presented15 students from the Special Needs Units and the National Lessons Assistance Programme with bicycles and safety equipment.

This programme was introduced in Barbados in 2011 as an extension of the commitment made to† improve the care given to children and the quality of their lives. Senior Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Joy Adamson, applauded Variety for the work which its members did with children and “rewarding, not giving away, children who have put in an extra effort”, stating that she believed the mobility programme was one that would go a long way.

She also encouraged parents and teachers to applaud and reward children when they tried their hardest since that encouragement was a motivation for them to do better.

“The ministry believes that every young person is born with the potential for greatness and every young person is born with the potential to make a meaningful contribution to society, no matter what that contribution is. We have to unlock [their] potential, we have to applaud them.

“Parents, continue to tell your wards, your children, your grand children, your nieces and nephews that they can achieve something,” Adamson added. “Continue to support them, to be there at their school functions, be there at social activities.

“Continue to support them because as long as they see there is somebody behind them, supporting them, they will continue to achieve. The Government’s key education initiative is ‘quality education for all’ and that is what we are aiming to do. We want all of our young people to be happy…, we want them to make a positive contribution to society and we know in the long run that will benefit the country.

“I was a teacher for more than 20 years and I†celebrated the accomplishments of my students, yes the ones who achieved… Also as a teacher, I put in the extra effort and improved and now as I walk around … and see the accomplishments of those students I feel very proud to know that I had a hand in their making.

“I think that we have to understand teaching is not only about the three R’s, it is not only about academics, it is about building character for students so that they will eventually become better citizens.” (KC)†††

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