New 2013 uniforms for T&T cops

The propsed new design for T&T police uniforms.

PORT OF SPAIN — T&T Police Social and Welfare Association general‚secretary Michael Seales has expressed confidence that the proposed re-designed police uniforms will be introduced in 2013.

Seales, speaking with the T&T Guardian in a telephone interview yesterday, said the new uniforms, which are French blue and navy blue in colour, have been garnering approval within the service.

“It is gaining momentum because it was endorsed by the general council. The reports are the Commissioner of Police would have viewed the models, and he was very interested,” Seales said. Seales explained from discussions, he believes 2013 will see the end of the colonial grey and navy blue uniforms and the emergence of a re-imaged police service.

“We feel that in the new year it is a done deal and the uniforms that have been demonstrated will be the uniforms the membership will be wearing in the new year and the future. We anticipate that 2013 will herald a paradigm shift in the way the public views police officers,” he said. “Some of the officers are excited and wish they could wear the uniform by January 1,” he said.

When contacted for comment on the uniforms yesterday acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams said there had been a viewing but he could not comment on it.

“It was just a preliminary stage of the process. The uniform has been under review for some months,” Williams said.

He declined to give his impression of the designs presented.

“I cannot comment further,” Williams said.

On December 16, the new uniforms, which were proposed by a committee set up by the general council of the association, were presented in a special viewing at the police administration building in Port-of-Spain. Members of the Police Service’s First Division were given a first-hand look at the changes to the traditional uniform which has been worn for over 50 years. (Guardian)

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