Chairman loses corporate credit card

NASSAU — National Insurance Board Chairman Gregory Moss no longer has an NIB-issued corporate platinum Visa credit card, Prime Minister Perry Christie revealed yesterday.

When asked if Moss still has the credit card, Christie said, “No, no he doesn’t.

“The director (Algernon Cargill) had a corporate card and they thought it was natural to give the chairman one to pay his hotel expenses,” the prime minister explained.

“All of that will have to be explained and accounted for. I don’t need to speculate on it. Once the audit is finished we’ll see the results of it.”

He was referring to an audit of NIB the government ordered after the Board voted in October to terminate Cargill for alleged misconduct.

In court action he took in November, Cargill raised concerns about the alleged spending habits of Moss through use of the credit card, which Minister of Labour and National Insurance Shane Gibson reportedly did not know he had.

Legal action

Cargill’s claims are a part of his affidavit submitted in support of the legal action he took against NIB and Moss, who also made a series of allegations against the director.

According to a copy of a July 26, 2012 bill from the British Colonial Hilton, which was filed in court, Moss spent nearly $1,000 during a one-day stay at the downtown hotel.

In addition to the ongoing audit, Christie also said he wants an independent actuarial assessment of the National Insurance Fund. (Nassau Guardian)

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