Venom brings down Earth

It was a case of Mark Griffith’s venom bringing Victor Ward back down to earth with a thud.

The ‘A’ class final of the Silver Hill Road Tennis Tournament was a thriller last night at the Silver Hill, Christ Church hard-court.

Ward, popularly known as Earth, and having earlier defeated perennial champ Junior Michael Jackson White in a shocking upset, as well as Dan Skeete, was outlasted by Griffith 21-16, 21-18.

Predictably the game was decided by which player committed the most unforced errors. Both have defensive styles, depending heavily on chops and close to the net shots. Both are also super-fit.

Ward wore down White and Skeete with his chopping style at the net in previous match-ups, but found the game of the man called Venom a carbon-copy of his own.

There were some lengthy rallies that thrilled the crowd as the two simply concentrated on getting the ball back over the net at all cost. †Ward chopped several balls just over the net but the fleet-footed Griffith was always there in time to return them. It was brilliant stuff that had the large crowd enthralled.

In the end, after his earlier giant-killing act, Ward found Griffith too steep a hill to climb.

In other matches Adrian Williams defeated Demario Ward 22-20, 19-21 and 21-10 in the Under-17 final, while Pierre Thousand Ball Nurse got the better of Desmond Hatcher Wooding 21-16, 21-18 in the ‘B’ class final.

Afterwards, Member of Parliament for the area and facilitator of the tournament, Stephen Lashley, told Barbados TODAY he was very pleased with the tournament and the way it had brought the community and surrounding districts together.

Thanking sponsors – inclusive of Digicel – for their input, Lashley said the tournament would be an annual event and was part of a holistic effort to use sports to assist in uplifting the Christ Church communities. He said it was a delight to see vendors being a part of the programme and benefiting from the tournament which was staged over six weeks’ duration.

The Minister of Sport noted the opportunity was also used to spread the message of HIV/AIDS awareness. Lashley explained the tournament had been divided into two sections with a Silver Hill component as well as an invitational one where some of the best players in the island were invited to participate.

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