Stepping up crime fight

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams.

PORT OF SPAIN — Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has given his officers top marks for their performance but he has urged them to lift their professional standards.

Williams, in an interview yesterday, unveiled a new anti-crime initiative for 2013 and gave the assurance that his charges would be more aggressive in the fight against crime.

While saying he could not reveal specifics of the plan, Williams said the Police Service was mandated by Government to put together a comprehensive measure for next year geared towards a 50 per cent decrease in serious crimes including homicides and drug and gang-related activities.

Expressing his confidence about the new measure Williams added: “We have been putting together a policing plan for 2013 all geared towards meeting the requirement of government’s mandate for a 50 per cent reduction in violent crime. In the 2012/2013 budget the finance minister indicated government’s clear mandate to reduce crime by 50 per cent.

“We are also looking to impact on general crime. We have a comprehensive policing plan which will involve beefing up patrols and other anti-crime measures.

“It is a multifaceted approach around partnership. It is a plan to ensure T&T becomes safer in 2013 and I am confident we will achieve this goal.”

Williams assumed office on August 7, 2012 after Canadians Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Ewatski resigned from office on July 26, 2012 with more than a year of their three-year contracts remaining as police commissioner and deputy police commissioner respectively. Having been at the helm for the past five months, Williams said he has received tremendous support from the rank and file.

“Officers from all ranks have given me support over the last five months. It was way beyond my expectation.

“I need to commend them for their exceptional work done during that period which has allowed us to realise a phenomenal drop in serious crime and significant reduction in murders,” Williams said.

He added successes were also dependent on joint efforts with the Defence Force particularly in clamping down crime in “hot spot” areas. (Guardian)

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