Women, recognise your power

Marrianne Burnham, President Barbados Professional Women’s Club

As the holiday season approaches, I’d like to take the time on behalf of BPW Barbados to say a hearty thanks our staff, volunteers, club members, sponsors and donors who have made the year the success it has been.

Without the time and support of these generous persons and businesses, the BPW Crisis Centre, Shelter, Personal Development Programme for Unemployed Women, Candle Lighting Ceremony and other outreach initiatives could not have been possible.

We thank especially Barbados TODAY for their coverage of our events and promoting the cause. We thank the US Embassy, the Canadian Women’s Club and the Paloma Foundation especially, for their support of our projects to assist women and children in Barbados.

As 2013 approaches, BPW Barbados will continue to embody our international triennium theme Empowered Women Leading Business with a special emphasis on Women’s Economic Empowerment. Our mission is to continue to improve the lives of women through business and development, education and training, improvements in health and freedom from violence.

We recognise the simple business that: “When women are empowered as leaders and businesswomen in the local, national and global economies they encounter, and when women share a proportion of the wealth created by those economies which is equivalent to the proportion of their involvement, then private businesses, public institutions, governments, local communities, and families will all prosper.

“Business will see increased returns, and better collaborative outcomes; governments will see better results in education and health thereby reducing the welfare burden; families will grow wealthier, children healthier. Economies will grow larger. When women have a seat at the table, all these things will flow.”

BPW Barbados encourages the Barbadian woman to recognise her power, and understand that each and every woman has something to offer, to share and to give-back. We encourage the celebration and recognition of past and present female trailblazers in business, sports, politics, arts and culture, and traditionally male-dominated fields.

We encourage women and girls to become economically empowered, finding new ways and legitimate opportunities to generate their own income, supporting themselves and their families reducing vulnerability and dependency, eliminating poverty and abuse; ultimately contributing to the economic development of the great nation that we live in that is Barbados.

Happy Holidays and blessings to all!

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