Give more, expect less

Marilyn Rice-Bowen, President – National Organisation of Women

The National Organisation of Women wishes the families of Barbados a joyous Christmas.

Make this Christmas extra special by giving more and expecting less. Give the gift of love, share special moments with someone less fortunate. Remember the shut-ins and pay a visit — spend time, listen to their stories. They made a sterling contribution to our society so let’s salute them this season.

Women as shapers of the society, we encourage you to ensure that your actions mirror your words. Ensure that during this holiday season you make an extra special effort to monitor the whereabouts of the children, particularly the teenagers.

Happy Christmas Barbados, from the National Organisation of Women.

One Response to Give more, expect less

  1. Nicole Yorke January 10, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    Shared from the heart of a woman whose actions can be counted on to mirror her words…….love the greeting BC


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