Dispatcher shot dead

PORT OF SPAIN — A 26-year-old Rio Claro man was murdered on Saturday night, bringing the country’s murder toll to 375 with just eight days remaining in the year.

As Nishad Mohammed’s body lay bleeding, his attacker emptied his pockets at the Triangle Too Amphitheatre and Sports Club at Tabaquite Road, Rio Claro. Other patrons scampered for cover as the gunman entered to club armed with a pump action shotgun.

According to police reports, Mohammed was liming with four friends at the club around 10 p.m. when the lone gunman emerged from the nearby bushes. Eyewitnesses told investigators that as the gunman pulled the pump handle on the gun, Mohammed got off his seat in an effort to seek cover, but was shot once in the head.

The man then proceeded to rob Mohammed and other patrons. However, investigators said nothing was taken from the business place.

Mohammed was employed as a dispatcher at Asco Trinidad Limited in Chaguaramas. Speaking at their home yesterday, his sister Nadia Mohammed said he spent most of the morning repairing his van and around 2 p.m., he left to purchase parts. She said his family were expecting him home later that evening but instead they received news of his death. (Guardian)

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