Christmas time again

There can be no mistake that Christmas is here. If anyone had any doubt whatsoever, one simply had to take a careful look at the supermarket lines, the increased traffic on the streets and the very long time it apparently is taking to get from point 1 to point 2.

But those are not the only reasons why we can sense the feeling of Christmas, the aura of the community and the family, including the family homes seem to depict “it has finally arrive”.

In Scouting we also share this “good feeling” for there were many good things which have happened to enable our young Scouts to have the “time of their lives” almost at every Scouting activity at all levels. This only happens because of the Scouting Spirit — the energy, commitment and determination of everyone involved.

Bridgetown District Scout Camp

“If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away.” — Author Unknown.

When one considers that at this time most persons “pick down” their homes, clean windows, give the lawn that extra manicure and decorate the interior and exterior of their properties, camp is the last thing on the minds of anyone.

As a matter of fact, one would think that the Scouts, having had their Christmas socials, and possibly gift exchanges, would just love to rest themselves after the closing of a term and prepare for the vacation of a lifetime.

That may be true of some Scouts but for those Scouts from the Bridgetown District who took part recently in their camp a few days ago they just wanted to perfect areas within their Scouting knowledge. They cooked, slept, took part in a camp fire and visited the folks at the Geriatric Hospital on Beckles Road where they sang some Christmas songs before making a presentation of two gifts baskets to the institution.

Many of the residents, with sparkle in their eyes, joined the young Scouts in the lusty singing of the Christmas carols

Picture Perfect Postcards

These scenes are not from a Hallmark Christmas Greeting card. This is an actual Scout home which has been decorated quite tastefully with all the “bells and whistles”. One can only imagine the painstaking time and energy to accomplish such a feat. It really is a wonderful sight.

Scouts at Winter Camp

Kandersteg International Scout Centre is the World Scout Centre of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Every year the management welcomes over 12,000 Scouts and Guides from more than 40 different countries. KISC is run by volunteer Scouts and Guides for all over the world.

Like in most countries, Christmas and New Year is a magical time in Kandersteg. Many programme religious and otherwise have been planned for the Christmas through the New Year period. Certainly, the Scouts are always invited and I am sure that the activities, though common or normal to those who experience the wintry conditions might not be so glamorous after a few days in the cold.

This year will be a special Christmas as well, as it will mark the beginning of the celebrations of KISC’s 90th anniversary, 1923 — 2013. Under the theme of “90 Years of Living the Dream” the organisers are expecting to have fantastic plans in place which would also see a few surprises during the period. Scouts would be spending their time in the Alps experiencing all things Swiss.

Some of the activities which would be in the offerings are:

1. Guided Skiing and snowboarding.

2. Night sledding where participants race and enjoy themselves in the night time.

3. Valley snowshoeing where participants explore the floor of Kandersteg while wearing snowshoes.

4. Igloo building where participants are assisted in building these shelters where they could stay the night or for a few hours.

These sound very attractive and perhaps one day the Scouts from Barbados might make this one of their Christmas destinations but for right now let me camp in the sunshine and be grateful for the little rain if it comes.

On the behalf of the Chief Commissioner and all Scouting personnel a very Blessed Christmas is extended to all. It is also hoped that 2013 will be a very bright and fruitful one for all Scouts and Friends of Scouting!

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