Cheer for the children

Without the famous Rudolph or his sleigh, Santa, two elves and a few carollers paid visit to the Children’s Ward of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to spread seasonal joy to some of the island’s sick young ones.

An annual initiative of the Pine Hill Dairy, employees came together to help entertain the children, their parents and nurses on Ward C8. Leading the entertainment were Tamara Marshall and Derek Fields, who began the presentation with the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth, interspersed with carols like O Come All Ye Faithful, Away In A Manger and of course, Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.

Fields even got the staff to sing along with some of his carols and the children to join in some of the choruses, as the team tried to cheer up those who were ill for the holidays.

Nurses and staff came to watch, and even mothers with babies in arms came to share in the joy for a few moments before returning children to beds or taking them off for treatment.

When Santa bounced in with his “Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas” some of the young ones perked up instantly, while at least one child, scared of this man in a red suit and white beard, started to cry. By the time Santa got around to her bed with her gift though, after initial hesitance, young … broke into a smile as she took her gaily wrapped present.

With a sack filled and overflowing with gifts, Santa was assisted by his elves and PHD helpers who also delivered gifts especially to those who could not be moved.

PHD Commercial Manager, Sandra Ramoutar and head of corporate communications, Sophia Cambridge, were among staff seen helping either with gifts or treats for the children, which included sandwiches, cake and Pine Hill juices. (LB)

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