Volney wants back in


PORT OF SPAIN — Fired Justice Minister Herbert Volney wants his job back.

Herbert Volney.

Five days before Christmas Day, the fired minister yesterday presented his wish list to the media at a press conference at his constituency office in Mt Hope.

Number one on the list is he would like his old job back.

He said however if Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar does not give him his job back, he would “remain happy and serve the people”.

Volney’s other wishes however may not embody the Christmas spirit for his successor Christlyn Moore and Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard.

Volney believes that Gaspard “clearly needs to be removed from office”.

Since his dismissal Volney thinks the Justice Ministry “has gone astray” under Moore’s stewardship.

Volney yesterday also apologised for being naughty during the year by being at the Grafton Beach Resort owned by businessman Ishwar Galbaransingh who could have benefitted from the premature proclamation of Section 34.

He was speaking as a fresh controversy involving the President’s request for information on the early proclamation of section 34 from Persad-Bissessar has erupted.

Volney maintained that his dismissal from the Justice Ministry was “unjust”.

Volney said Persad-Bissessar acted “in good faith on a material misrepresentation” when he was fired.

“Given that I was elected by the people of St. Joseph and I was part of a partnership that was elected on a common platform which included criminal justice transformation, I move at this time to do everything to re-engage with the government and to make way for the Prime Minister to reconsider the position that she had taken as regards me in order to be able to deliver on the campaign promise of criminal justice transformation,” Volney said.

“It is sad to say that that process has gone astray over the last three months I have been out of office and the one who holds the reins of that office quite clearly was not part of the team that sold criminal justice,” he said.

Volney claimed that the day before he was dismissed by Persad-Bissessar she had met with Gaspard and Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

In that meeting, “unconfirmed minutes” of an earlier meeting with Volney, Gaspard and Archie were presented, he said.

In those minutes it was stated that Volney gave an undertaking to meet with Archie and Gaspard before Section 34 was proclaimed. (Express)

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  1. Tony Webster December 22, 2012 at 6:53 am

    An outstanding example of the pinnacle of Trinny politics, way above even the “best” we can offer here in BIM! Trinny recipe for political success:-

    1 One full cup of ambition.
    2 Half-a-cup of greed
    3 as much “grease” as available, to “help things go smoothly”.
    4 A couple close, influential, and rich friends to move things along
    5 A half-cup of arrogance
    6 A half-cup audacity
    7 A sharp eye for spotting “opportunities”

    Effin you get ketch-out, increase the measures for audacity and arrogance, to a half-gallon each.


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