Movement of money

I respond to your story headline Trial set.

Barbados is a “paradise” for sure – of lawyers; former lawyers, brilliant lawyers, very brilliant lawyers (Q.C’s. with fees to match), psuedo-lawyers, wayward and delinquent lawyers, very wayward and delinquent lawyers; “lawyerticians” (a cross between a lawyer and a politician), ex-lawyers, and now, vex lawyers.

If it please the court, m’Lud, this case shall turn on two simple points:

1. The ability of the defendant to pay (if found to be wanting);

2. The willingness and ability of the Bajan taxpayer to guarantee another foreign currency loan from IDB, or some other kindly-disposed lender (possibly NIS), who would wish, of course, to “protect/rescue” the public’s millions already exposed to the project.

On the bright side, M’lud, one must not overlook a few ameliorating facts:

1. Effin we raise another loan in foreign currency, the governor over there at Tom Adams Financial Centre, will get an immediate intra-venous injection; will perk up instantly. This one looks most promising.

2. The vast sums of VAT being collected on the said fees, which will return to government coffers, and will come in handy for throwing a few more “social events” in several constituencies where those enjoying “free” food, drink and entertainment, will place right jolly “X”s in all the right places — in due course.

3. Any money that changes hands, at the outcome, will not be wasted: money does not “disappear”, it just moves on to another destination/bank account, and gets used in another way. Even if our highly-liquid banks, having few worthy prospects for lending, just put the influx of funds gained by the outcome of a sucessful case into Treasury Bills, no problem. The Minister of Finance then will end up with just as much cash as before — plus VAT. Wow! Evabody win! The “Barbados Model” jus’ cyan be beat, m’lud!!.

Case closed.

— Tony Webster

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