Antigua to get food security policy

ST. JOHN’S — The Ministry of Agriculture will be working vigorously to implement its National Food and Nutrition Security Policy Action Plan for Antigua & Barbuda as soon as the new year starts.

Deputy Director in the Ministry of Agriculture Astley Joseph said experts – who have already been identified – would be coming together to work on the implementation plan to meet short-term as well as medium- and long-term needs.

The aim is to improve food production and access to quality, nutritious food that meets the dietary needs for an active and healthy life.

Joseph said: “In the first month of the year, we are going to draft the document, and hopefully, get it validated by Cabinet soon after so that the final document would become part of the policy very quickly.”

He said the technical experts, including a value chain expert, would be taking a strategic approach to address the four pillars of the action plan.

“The pillars are availability, accessibility, utilitsation and stability,” Joseph said.

“The action plan will address each pillar as it relates to increased production, infrastructure for food storage, what each food item can be used for, processing and ensuring food items are made accessible to the population, especially the most vulnerable people like the elderly, single parents and others.”

The action plan will give life to the national policy launched on December 5. (Antigua Observer)

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