Turned on to God

He always wanted to do positive music which left a “good taste in the mouths of people”. †But as a secular artiste, Jody Smith said he recognised that the music he had been performing was not glorifying to God.

So his conversion to being a gospel artiste earlier this year had its roots in his decision to start going back to church.

“I realised that even the love songs I sang as a secular artiste, were mainly sexually oriented,” noted Smith.

“I started going back to church, and the closer I got to God, I realised my music was not glorifying to God. I started going back to church in 2010, but formally became a gospel singer this year,” pointed out the 27-year-old singer/song writer.

As far as the genre of music he performed, this young gospel act said he was a soulful singer, even though he also did reggae and alternative or “whatever I feel”.

His debut single, a self-penned reggae titled Show Love, was released two months ago and he has another song written by local gospel rapper Patrick Ignite Brian, which he also plans to release in the near future.

“A lot of people have been asking me to do an album. So what I will do is record an EP comprising four tracks. That would release the album afterwards,” revealed Smith.

The Barbadian gospel artiste, who has already performed at Gospelfest at Farley Hill this year, is scheduled to release his proposed “extended play” in March next year.

It will comprise the track from his debut single Show Love along with Open Your Eyes, Go Check Yourself, a hip hop original and Camouflage, an alternative which he also wrote.

Smith told High Note that Camouflage, which he sang this year at the Neon For Christ hit concert, is also to be released as a single either this month or next month.

“Camouflage is a hit with the people,” he boasted.

In his short experience in the gospel music arena, he has also rubbed shoulders on stage with a gospel rapper from Canada name Teknique, performed at a Westmoreland Nazarene Church concert and at the Abundant Life. He said the Neon For Christ Concert at which he sang, the promoters brought in Andy Mineo from Reach Records.†Mineo was featured on a track with the popular rapper, Lecrae.

This up and coming gospel singer, who recalled being exposed as a boy to the music of icons such as Brian McKnight and the late Luther Vandross, identified American gospel acts Mali, Deitrick Haddon and Shawn McDonald as some of those who inspire him.

However, because of the timbre of his voice, people compare him to John Legend. Smith also has local artistes whom he admires.

“I must give props to John Yarde, Nicole Nicovia Blackman, Larix and O’Brian Ignite,” he declared.

This new artiste meanwhile, has been sharing his views on the current state of gospel music in Barbados.

“People who criticise the music which young artistes are doing, saying it is ungodly and things like that, have a wrong perspective. They say the music is not about Jesus. People jump to conclusions and do not listen to the music carefully,” suggested Smith.

The singer said it was not the genre of music that mattered, but the motive and intent.

“It is what comes from within the artiste. The main objective is to push music in the right direction and to glorify God. A lot of music now is drafted to draw young people,” he argued.

“I know that people would enjoy my music. It is more than just the music, but the words to draw them close to God.” emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb

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