Central Bank warns against Internet scam

Suspected frauds are trying to rope the Central Bank of Barbados into an Internet-based financial scam.

The institution this evening distanced itself from a suspected “411/419 scam”, which has been traced to Nigeria in the past.

In a statement, the bank said contrary to an email now circulating, none of its officers were involved in any such scheme.

“It has come to the attention of the Central Bank that an email purporting to be sent by an officer of the bank has been circulating. This email seeks the assistance of the recipient in fraudulently transferring large sums of cash to the recipient’s bank account. This is a classic form of confidence fraud sometimes termed a 411/419 scam,” the organisation said.

“Neither the Central Bank nor any of its officers or employees is party or privy to such transactions and is not the author of the said email. Recipients of such emails should immediately disregard and delete them.”

The scam referred to by the bank has been commonly called the Nigerian Scam because in the past that country was associated with this type of fraud.

It is called a confidence scam because it usually involves gaining the confidence of individuals and then defrauding them.

As far back as January 2008, the Central Bank here issued a financial advisory warning Barbadians to “to exercise caution in dealing with unsolicited communication purportedly associated with the Central Bank of Nigeria or its governor”.

“Your attention is drawn to the official website of the Central Bank of Nigeria, www.cenbank.org/419/nigletter.asp, where information and external links can be found on the ‘Advanced Fees Fraud (419)’ scam,” the advisory said then. (SC)

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