Central Bank commended

Masonic Lodge under renovations.

Minister of Family, Culture, Sports & Youth, Stephen Lashley, has commended the Central Bank of Barbados for the restoration of the Masonic Lodge.

Lashley indicated after a tour of the facility, accompanied by bank officials, the architect, a representative from the museum and historian, Dr. Pedro Welch, that the rehabilitation of the building reflected quality craftsmanship and superior expertise.

The minister also suggested that as a tribute to all artisans who worked on the building recently and in the past, a plaque bearing their names should be mounted in a prominent position on the structure.

The minister explained that the restored Masonic Lodge would enhance the heritage attractions in the City for both locals and visitors, and further diversify the country’s tourism offerings. The Masonic Lodge, once the site of Harrison College, a free school for poor boys, is one of the oldest structures in Bridgetown, a City that was a major trading port for slaves and sugar during the period when Barbados was the most profitable British colony.

The bank acquired the building years ago and restored it at a cost of $5.1 million.

This facility will be home to an art gallery, a money museum, and an exhibition on masonry, philanthropy in the City and early education in Bridgetown.

A date for the official opening of the Masonic Lodge is yet to be set.

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