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CEO Howard Hall (left) and COO David Alleyne (right) share a photo with Trudy Bellamy (second from left), the winner of the CEO’s Special Award for 2012, 35-year awardee Joann Estwick and Employee Of The Year, Felicia Standford.

For the third year running, Felicia Standford has been voted Employee of the Year at United Insurance.

A former journalist, who switched careers nine years ago, Standford, along with several other colleagues, were presented with their awards last Friday as staff, friends and associates of United Insurance came together for the company’s annual awards ceremony and Christmas luncheon at the Sugar Ultra Lounge in St. Lawrence Gap.

Standford is a senior claims officer who joined the company in 2004 and has responsibility for settling personal injury claims, which involves liaising with clients, lawyers and doctors.

She has been praised by management for her commitment and efficiency.

Another major contender for the 2012 Employee of the Year title was Marketing Assistant Trudy Bellamy, who was presented with the CEO’s Recognition Award for 2012.

Bellamy was described by superiors as creative and dependable and was just 0.2 points off the appraisal score that would have tied for Employee of the Year.

“We have a committed team at United and as a progressive company we pride ourselves in providing opportunities and rewards for our staff.

“This year we are delighted to recognise our outstanding employees with more than 30 awards presented at our staff awards ceremony,” said Human Resources Manager Lee-Ann Millar-Mendes.

Millar-Mendes, who was also presented with a 10-year award, reported that awards for outstanding performance over the past year were handed out, including several for long-service (ranging from 10 to 35 years) and for perfect attendance.

Joann Estwick, who joined the Accounts Department in 1977, was recognised for 35 years service and was among 19 long-service awardees, who included Diane Thompson (20 years), Grantley Walcott (25 years) and Michael Hunt (30 years).

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