Outreach paying off

Henderson Clarke received a special award.

Chairman of the Christ Church East Central Constituency Council, Orlando Scott, is leading his team to empower the residents in their area.

He told Barbados TODAY that their aim was to get the people involved in helping themselves so that they could stand on their own two feet.

He was speaking after the council’s inaugural awards ceremony recently at the Wotton Sports Pavilion where members of the football team and residents who have made an impact in the community or have reached a certain level, were recognised.

Agencies that have assisted the council’s effort were also recognised.

Scott, who received a Corner Stone Award, also said he wanted Wotton to be a symbol for other communities.

“What we have concentrated on is environmental development. What we have done is environmental clean-ups, what we tried to do is work very closely with the Ministry of Health. We brought in the Environmental Health Department, the chief Tyrone Applewhaite came up here with his senior staff. We also brought in Drainage [Division], the police, the Bureau of [Gender] Affairs, Sanitation Service Authority, and several of these groups.

“What we have tried to do is to see how we can physically uplift the environment, not just in Wotton, but we did it in Lodge Road, Vauxhall, St. David’s as well as Edey Village because we were concerned about vector control and getting rid of mosquitoes and rats. We hauled away tonnes of garbage. That’s the kind of work we’ve been doing,” he said.

The chairman, who is a proponent of Occupational Safety and Health, also disclosed that one of their other projects would be backyard gardening.

Scott said discussions had already been held with Chief Agricultural Officer, Ralph Farnum, with the view of having it throughout the constituency.

“We will encourage the residents of this constituency to begin to plant more food. We have cans and small gardens plots too, wherever is conducive and appropriate to the space. We will be encouraging people to use cans. In January we’re going to have a demonstration to show people what to plant, how to plant it and how to cultivate it.

“We have the infrastructure in place already but just because it is the Christmas season we don’t want to push people … because they won’t notice us, but in January when everything is fresh,” he said.

Scott also said that his main objective was to have Wotton, which is the only housing area in the constituency, as a model community.

“People have already started to paint up their houses and we want to spread that throughout the constituency. I have said and I believe it; we have people who are very condescending towards housing areas and I want people to be as proud of their district as if they were living in any other. I also want people to respect them but it has to begin with the people who live in the areas. If they learn to respect themselves and their physical environment there will be improvements,” the prominent trade unionist said. (DS)

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