Bajans in DC join diabetes fight

From left: Diabetes Association PRO, Kenrick Corbin, Pauline Maynard, Treasurer Nigel Arthur, Adrian Maynard.

The Barbados National Association of Washington D.C. is once again giving support to diabetics in Barbados.

This time members have more than doubled the blessings by increasing their donation to $1,200 up from last year’s $500.

The cheque presentation occurred earlier this week at the Barbados Diabetes Association headquarters at Jessamine Avenue in Beckles Road, St. Michael. Pauline Maynard, an active member of the BNAW, along with fellow member, Adrian Maynard, were present to make the presentation on the association’s behalf.

Maynard said neither of them was diabetic, but they both had relatives and friends who are sufferers and felt it necessary to give to the cause, especially in their homeland which had been tagged the “amputation capital of the world”.

Public Relations Officer of the Diabetes Association of Barbados, Kenrick Corbin, said today’s donation would be used for a number of programmes they were developing, primarily the Adopt-a-Child programme, which targets young diabetics.

He said they had been spending a lot of time on this because they realised a large number of children in the communities and schools were being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“These funds will help us to help parents who can’t afford the medication,” Corbin said. “Being a Type 1 diabetic is more tedious than people who are Type 2 diabetics in that Type 1 diabetics need to have insulin throughout the day, and in schools it is really a tedious task to get people to administer it — this is one of the problems within certain schools.

“So we are using insulin pens sometimes, which is a lot easier than the average syringe and those are pretty expensive so we try to help parents by providing the pens for them.”

“In the average programme from Government you are given 10 syringes each time you are given insulin and you have to take insulin everyday. This is where we come in to help and provide … we supply a stipend and certain things for them,” he said. To help raise the funds the BNAW hosted bus rides, a dinner dance, a raffle and other fund-raisers to make their second donation to the Diabetes Association.

While their relationship with the diabetes association was relatively young they have a history of making monetary donations to the Barbados Cancer Society, Farrs Children’s Home and the Blind Workshop.

Their next step is to make a contribution in kind, as Maynard, who earlier in this year volunteered her time to the organisation said she was willing to return to Barbados to do it again. There are about 15 active members in the Washington-based association. (KC)

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