Serious about green

Alex Tasker (second from right) in conversation with Laura Hoyte. Also pictured are (from left) Clyde Griffith, Henry Jordan and Rawle Chandler of BREA.

Recognising the ever growing need to increase public focus on energy conservation and environmentally friendly practices, leading Telecommunications company, Digicel, has partnered with the Barbados Renewable Energy Association to help promote its efforts.

In recent years Digicel has been actively engaged in promoting energy conservation and environmentally friendly practices within its own operations, through the introduction of “Go-Green Initiatives” such as the recycling of plastic bottles, the installation of a timed air-conditioning system and the use of paper cups instead of plastic.

Most recently, Digicel has embarked on a programme to further promote the use of electronic bills by its customers, an initiative aimed at reducing the use and wastage of paper traditionally used in the printing of customer bills. Working with BREA, Digicel will be looking to further educate its customers about this method of invoicing in the new year.

Commercial Director of Digicel (Barbados) Limited, Alex Tasker, spoke to the importance of energy efficiency and conservation to the company.

“At Digicel we view the conservation of energy and the efficient use of our resources as integral to our overall operations. As such we have looked to incorporate a number of greening initiatives in our day to day activity, the latest being our increased focus on the use of E-bills. In BREA we have found a partner that can help us enhance our greening efforts, while using our various avenues to help them educate the public about the benefits of using renewable energy, in addition to the importance of energy efficiency.”

CEO of BREA, Clyde Griffith, indicated that Digicel’s decision to partner with the association is a step which should be emulated by other companies. “One of the highest operating costs for corporate Barbados is that related to energy usage, most of which is driven by the price of fossil fuels,” Griffith said.

“As a result, companies like Digicel should be constantly looking at ways to reduce the impact this has on its total overheads. We therefore commend Digicel for taking the initiative in this regard and recognising the value of an association like BREA as it relates to enhancing these efforts. We are also grateful for their assistance in helping us to spread our message throughout Barbados and certainly look forward to working with them.

Established in December 2010, BREA received NGO status in May of the following year and today boasts a membership of 60 individuals, including engineers, lawyers, and players in the alternative energy sector.

The association focuses heavily on promoting the use of renewable energy and the need to implement measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency. Going forward, BREA will be engaging the public in a number of forums to educate them about these two areas, in an effort to change the culture in Barbados as it relates to energy usage.

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