A forest springing around the derelict Sam Lord’s Castle building.

No effort should be spared to ensure historic Sam Lord’s Castle, ravaged by fire two years ago, rises from the ashes.

Prominent architectural historian, Senator Professor Henry Fraser, said the St. Philip hotel that was once part of the island’s “famous five of heritage tourism” could be saved.

“They are still there, but of course Sam Lord’s Castle is a scandalously desecrated half destroyed building, which sits there waiting for our judgment of the court case that took place I think nearly two years ago to save Sam Lord’s for restoration,” he said.

“It can of course be restored, just as St. Philip’s church was after fire, St. Peter’s church was after fire, Sunbury Great House was restored, The Pavilion at Hastings was restored, all after fire and Sam Lord’s Castle, built like a fortress is eminently restorable if we could get our decision makers, who have that decision in their hands, to act on it.”

Fraser said Sam Lord’s Castle was once among the famous five with St. John’s Church, Codrington College, St. Nicholas Abbey, and Farley Hill. Speaking this afternoon during debate on Government’s new tourism development White Paper, he also renewed his called for several historic buildings in and around Bridgetown to be restored.

These “treasures” included Empire Theatre, Queen’s Park House, Carnegie Library, the old Supreme Court, Marshall Hall, the Old Eye Hospital, and Old Fire Station, all within “the historic core of Bridgetown itself”.

Former Prime Minister Errol Barrow’s Culloden Farm residence, “scandalously derelict” after 20 years of “abandonment” and the “magnificent” Glendairy Prison complex, “the most fantastic building in Barbados”, also needed restoration, Fraser said.

“These are matters which we must give attention to and therefore I take this opportunity of letting the public of Barbados know that … we have a humongous task ahead of us to restore these seven plus treasures in order to bring Bridgetown to the same quality of beauty, aesthetic appreciation and architectural attraction as the Garrison itself. These are all key,” he stated. (SC)

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