Remembering Nahum

Mother of Nahum Clarke, Jenefer Clarke (left) stands among a group of mourners at today’s funeral service for her so

Nahum Enoch Clarke’s body was not resting in a casket in the aisle of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral earlier today, as hundreds attended what was supposed to have been his funeral service. Still more spilled over into the yard to witness what then became a memorial service.

Fellow members of the group, Bajan Boyz, turned up all bedecked in purple scarfs or purple shirts, the favourite colour of the deceased. It was noticeable that even the altar of the church was covered in purple, the colour used during Advent.

Nahum’s mother, Jenefer Clarke, stood stoically at the entrance of the cathedral, meeting relatives and friends of her late son.

In his eulogy, former teacher at the Alexandra School, Carl Alff Padmore, said the name Nahum, which is taken from the Bible, means comforter, adding that his second name, Enoch, meant devoted, humble and a gift from God.

He said with his death, his father had lost a barber and a master cook. Padmore told the packed church that last Christmas Nahum cooked lunch for the family.

He recalled that while he was a student at Alexandra School he did his work and was respectful to authority figures.

Padmore further recalled that as a member of Bajan Boyz, Nahum felt he was the best at creating jingles.

During his sermon, Monsignor Vincent Blackett called on the congregation to pray that God would reveal how Nahum died. He said it was always painful to conduct a service when a young person died under tragic circumstances.

Monsignor Vincent said it was a time of great distress and therefore his role at this time was to comfort the family.

He recalled that last Christmas he presided at the funeral of a young member of the church who had just completed his secondary education. The cleric gave the surviving members of the Clarke household the assurance that even though Nahum had died tragically, this was not the end of him. They should place our hope in the resurrection, he advised.

The first Scripture reading was done by Principal of Alexandra School, Jeff Broomes. Minister of Finance and parliamentary representative for St. Michael North West Chris Sinckler and MP for St. Michael West Central, James Paul, attended the service.

It was unclear today when Nahum will be buried as most of his household remained tight-lipped over the circumstances of his tragic passing and the reason who authorities reclaimed the body, resulting in it not being at the cathedral for the service. (NC)

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  1. Justin Taylor December 20, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    I would like to thank Barbados Today for continuing to keep Nahum in the hearts and minds of the public as the family continues to seek answers in this trying time.

    Unfortunately they have no further information to share at this time as his tragic death is still under investigation. They try in hard times not hold on to hate, and, as such refrain any malicious speculations. You can rest assured his family will share any facts as they are revealed.

    Thank you again to all those who attended the service and all who continue to hold Nahum in their hearts.


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