Fridge for lucky woman

Krystle Smith (right) shares a smile with Shirley Weekes in front of her new Samsung refrigerator.

Preparing for Christmas will be that much easier for Shirley Weekes, the lucky week one winner of a Samsung refrigerator in Digicel’s Share A Smile Christmas promotion.

The resident of Barker’s Road, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, whose only previous prize win also came from Digicel some years ago, was in disbelief when she received the call this week informing her that she was the first winner in the promotion which got underway at the beginning of the month.

“I wasn’t sure if to believe it when I got the call and I was still skeptical up until I turned up for the presentation,” Weekes said. “That’s when I realised it was definitely not a hoax and since then I have not been able to stop smiling. I couldn’t be happier about this as only recently I had begun exploring the idea of replacing my current refrigerator. Thank you so much Digicel!”

Senior Marketing Executive with Digicel (Barbados) Limited, Krystle Smith, congratulated Weekes and reminded her to keep following the steps to enter the promotion for more chances to win.

“We’re giving our customers multiple reasons to smile this Christmas, with weekly Samsung prizes like this refrigerator, 40 inch LCD TVs, Laptops and Android Devices. Of course there is the grand prize of a piece of land, the winner of which will be selected following the promotion’s conclusion on February 4, 2013,” Smith said.

All Digicel customers who top-up their pre-paid account with $20 or more, send 10 or more text messages in a day, or pay their post-paid bill on time and in full, will be automatically entered for the promotion.

Customers will also receive great deals on androids devices with 25 per cent off postpaid purchases of either the Samsung Galaxy Y or Alcatel 903, or $25 cash back with their prepaid purchase of the same devices.

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