Do not involve the children

The prudence of the media’s penchant (tactic?) for drawing the children of Alexandra into making statements regarding the continued tenure of Jeff Broomes as principal of the Alexandra School is extremely questionable. What is its purpose? Or, more pointedly, what is its motive?

Can anyone tell me the exact impact a child’s opinion should have on who becomes, remains or leaves as a principal of a school?

Why do you suppose there are age qualifications governing voting, driving, marrying, having sex? Why do you think there are age restrictions regarding the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes?

What is the real relevance of the views of minor children on this complex matter of Jeff Broomes’ remaining or going?

Okay, so many children are enamoured with the image of Uncle Jeff. But the question I must ask is this: To what extent, if any at all, should the infatuation of children impact on the decisions that experienced, qualified, trained professionals in the areas of education and/or administration/management and/or law are paid to make towards the resolution of this matter?

Does a child get to determine whether or not the court will grant a divorce of its parents? Or is that authority’s proper concern that adequate provisions be made for the welfare of that minor child after the divorce?

And in all of this, let us not forget the very considerable vulnerability of children to the wiles of manipulative adults!

— Stephen Nicholls

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