Bin Hammam banned for life

ZURICH – Former FIFA presidential candidate embroiled in corruption allegations, Mohamed bin Hammam, has resigned from all his positions in football and been given a life ban.

The life ban is based on the final report of Michael J. Garcia, chairman of the Investigatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee.

“In view of the fact that under the new FIFA Code of Ethics, the FIFA Ethics Committee remains competent to render a decision even if a person resigns, the Adjudicatory Chamber decided to ban Mohamed bin Hammam from all football-related activity for life,” a FIFA statement said.

“That report showed repeated violations of Article 19 (Conflict of Interest) of the FIFA Code of Ethics, edition 2012, of Mohamed bin Hammam during his terms as AFC (Asian Football Confedera-tion) president and as member of the FIFA executive committee in the years 2008 to 2011, which justified a lifelong ban from all football-related activity.”

FIFA’s life ban on bin Hammam handed out yesterday was not in connection with bribery allegations during the election campaign, but for “conflicts of interest” while he was president of the AFC.

Bin Hammam was originally accused of trying to buy the presidential votes of Caribbean officials by handing them US$40,000 each in brown envelopes at a meeting in Port-of-Spain, one month before he was due to challenge Sepp Blatter in last year’s FIFA presidential election.

He withdrew his candidacy and was subsequently banned, pending investigations.

A number of football officials, including some from Barbados, were investigated during the probe into bin Hammam.†††

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