A predictable echo

One Sharon McAllister penned a letter critical of the “quiet and orderly” walkout of the Alexandra teachers during the principal’s address at the school’s speech day. It was interesting that she used words such as “disgraceful” and “disrespectful”.

Do you realise that many of the protests actions of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. were seen as “disgraceful”? Do you know that the many of the speeches and actions of Nelson Mandela were deemed “disrespectful”? I’m pretty sure there were many people who thought Bussa was particularly disgraceful and disrespectful!

It is also made quite clear that Jesus was considered disrespectful and disgraceful by some.

There were many, many people who considered these people as extremely bad examples in their time. So much so that three of them were killed/executed and one of them was imprisoned for 27 long years!

The lady, Sharon McAllister, is obviously entitled to her opinion — but, really, it is the mere predictable echo of those criticisms made against every person or group of people who have been brave enough to stand up against and call attention to an unacceptable situation.

— Godfrey Bynoe

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