Drivers soon to swipe at each pump

From left: RBC Personal Banking head Horace Cobham, Business Banking head Rae Debbie Skinner and Esso Country Manager Cally Boyea at today’s launch.

Depending on the outcome of a pilot project to end this month, all pumps at Esso gas stations could soon be outfitted with electronic card payment machines.

Country Manager for Esso (Barbados) SRL, Cally Boyea, said he recognised that gas stations around the island maintained a practice of only one pump at which customers can pay for gas by card. Customers using the other pumps, after purchasing gas, would then have to leave their vehicles and sometimes walk across the station to pay for their purchase.

Esso, he said, was trying to change this practice.

Boyea said there was a pilot project currently on at two gas stations, with card payment systems at each pump, and once concluded it would be assessed to see how it had been utilised.

He was at the time speaking at the launch of the RBC Esso Fleet Card, which will function like a credit card for customers to Esso gas stations at the pumps and in the convenient store.

This introduction of the card, he said, was a major improvement on what was available and would allow customers to continue to get their Magna points while shopping, have online access to their accounts and receive island-wide service at any service station.

“I think if you go to all of the service stations in Barbados … as a customer with a credit card you go to one island payment and no matter where you are parked in that station, you then have to come to one island payment which is remotely located and use your card.

“What you are now going to see with the introduction of this card and the work we are doing with Royal Bank, and we already have some pilot tests out there, … is island payment terminals. So each pump will have the facility to accept your card at that pump.

“So you don’t have to be parked in one location and an attendant going to another location to swipe your card. This is the kind of benefit we want to bring to customers,” he said.

Boyea said they would not reveal the locations of the pilot or much information until completion.

He said though: “This is something that is in the testing phase, but we don’t want to go an announce it yet. We hope to complete it by the end of this year … and then we will be in a position to expand it through the rest of the chain early next year.” (LB)

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