Clearer directions

Conflicting road markings.

The Ministry of Transport and Works has promised to take immediate action to create clearer traffic directions at a portion of the D’arcy Scott Roundabout in Warrens.

The problem is that vehicles exiting the Warrens commercial area that is home to businesses such as Barbados TODAY, H&B Hardware and Williams Equipment, are driving over the painted “island” that is designed to restrict traffic joining the circle to a single lane.

This is compounded by the lack of clear visibility of the painted section and the fact that two signs – one a left directional arrow and the other with a giveway indicator – have been lying on the ground out of view for some time.

Three lanes of traffic where only one should be.

Adding confusion to the matter is that an arrow, instructing motorists to turn right or go straight, which had originally been painted where the “island” now stands, has not been erased.

The result is that motorists who use the legitimate single lane daily come close to sideswiping other motorists who attempt to enter the circle from the fading island.

“We need to give clear directions [to motorists]; that is the problem,” explained a senior official in the Project Office of the ministry.

“We will get on to it immediately,” he promised.

The D’arcy Scott Roundabout continues to be the scene of frequent fender benders, although not nearly as many as this time last year when the reshaped roundabout was still new. (EJ)††

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