Twilight on the terrace

The picturesque landscape and pristine elegance of the Walcott-Warner Terrace at the Cave Hill campus was the perfect backdrop for the Twilight fashion show and visual arts exhibition.

Held last Sunday at the Errol Barrow Centre, the inspiration for the name of the event came from the splendid sunset that envelopes the complex each evening.

A cadre of artists was selected to showcase their work, primarily because of their innovation in the use of textiles and materials, every piece being handcrafted and bearing the stamp of indigenous Barbadian heritage.

The fashion that graced the runway, organisers said, represented the unique creative expression of each artist, “with careful attention being paid to detail and embellishment, which makes the work of the highest quality”.

Visual artist Don Junior Small showed his work in the gallery space but his paintings were imbued with new life as they were interpreted and re-presented through dance, music and theatre.

“Twilight in this space was depicted through the loving eyes of a son, as each caress of the canvas captured his mother in her twilight years,” organisers said.

“Bigger than life sized paintings, acrylic on canvas, present not just images of a mother, but the essence of a Barbadian woman, as Don whimsically presented cherished details of Barbadian culture. The creative exploration of several of Don’s paintings were undertaken by performers drawn from the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programme.

“The students of the Masters of Arts Degree in Creative Arts … collaborated with artists across several disciplines in order to present Twilight at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, the home of art in Barbados.”

The event also featured Catherine Rocheford’s jewellery; Alexis Campbell’s designs, Althea Wood’s Nhikazzi wear comprising textiles, Shakad Designs and Glendine Aimes’ batik.

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