The gift of sharing

Merle Niles busy wrapping presents.

by Kimberley Cummins

Spreading love can be such a simple thing — with no need for a big bank account to show people how much you care. All it requires is a big heart.

This was the example set by musician Terry Mexican Arthur as for the third year he is hosting Love Day[s]. Yesterday afternoon Barbados TODAY visited him at the Clock Tower at the Main Guard in the historic Garrison area and found him busy wrapping presents.

He was joined by friends, some coming from as far as Venezuela, volunteering their time to be a part of the worthy cause.

The gifts will be donated to a host of people when Love Day comes off tomorrow. But even before then, they have demonstrated their intention to spread the spirit of Christmas with a visit to the Blind Workshop yesterday, among other places, to hand out gifts.

Additionally, they will also have a Love Day on Christmas Day when they will also handout gifts.

Authur explained that so far they had wrapped hundreds of presents, estimating that more than 500 were covered Wednesday alone. It is being undertaken at a mass “gift wrapping camp”. Initially when the initiative was planned, it was just for kids and the elderly but because of the response they have now including teenagers with the hope of adding as many age ranges as possible.

“Every year it gets bigger and better. Some people wrapping, some people donating, some people offering transportation. This is such a simple thing to do. I know there are some people who would like to help the less fortunate but they need to realise sometimes it is not even about the gifts — just a visit.

“When they see the entertainers, Alison [Hinds], Blood, Red Plastic Bag, coming to their houses and they take time to sing a song for them, sit down and talk, plait their hair. Whatever we could do they feel good and that is why I will do all I can to make sure this continues,” he said.†

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