Dressing up for fewer dollars

Today we offer you a solution to liven up some rooms in your home without spending large sums of cash.

Most people love Christmas. It is that time of the year when, despite the rushing around, the shopping, and parties that some of us promise ourselves each year we wouldn’t get caught up in and still do.

It is also the time when most of us like to change our furniture, hang new curtains and add a few accents here and there.

Dacosta Mannings Inc. has some great ideas featured in their showroom at the Warrens branch that can give ideas for how to accent a room and channel Christmas.

Accents like a mirror, a painting, a vase can do wonders for a blank wall or a desolate corner that you have no idea how to incorporate into your colour scheme. The changing of a painting to a mirror in the living room can create a totally different feel to the area, even transforming a homey area into something a little more high class, again without breaking the bank.

The introduction of the classic Christmas colours of red, green, silver or gold and some white lights, again can do wonders to accent your space. The addition of red and green flowers to a vase in a corner changed the entire feel of the space, as much as a large mirror created a focal point in a living room filled with darker colour furniture. Something as simple as a red rug under a dining table can add a splash of colour and help bring out other similar red accents in the room.

Here are some of their suggestions:

*Room # 2 (Dining): Walls are painted in Retro Avocado accentuated with framed wall art in contrasting colours of green and red the look of the small room is enlarged somewhat by placing a beautiful accent mirror on the wall.

Wall art, paintings and accent mirrors are fantastic wall treatments and can really add character and style to any room. These are available in a wide variety of styles to suit every d?cor.

The Spencer eight-piece dining set and the buffet servers are featured.

*Room # 3 is the living with adjacent dining:

This room radiates a calm, soothing feel with the walls painted in Skywatch from Harris Paints.

The Living room suite is complemented by an elegant five piece dining set with matching coffee table and side table, a stylish accent area rug pulls the room together nicely.

The Mandeville three piece living room suite is featured along with the Kaia five-piece dining set, the Kaia coffee table and the Kaia side table.

Hope these tips help you decide what you will do this year.

Here’s to sensational settings!

Happy Christmas!

Merry Event!


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