DLP looking out for ‘humble and meek’

Members of the audience.

The Democratic Labour Party’s purpose in politics is to exalt the humble and meek.

So said Prime Minister Freundel Stuart last night while addressing the Women’s League of the party at its George Street, Belleville headquarters.

Without disclosing any names, Stuart said: “There are some old enemies of the DLP who believe that they should be able to pay their bills, buy large quantities of food stuff every month, take a vacation when they choose, but believe other members of the society can starve, borrow or steal.”

Stuart charged that their critics of today were the same critics of the 1980s and 1990s. The Prime Minister however suggested that the views of the DLP supporters must be based on the party’s record.

He noted that the DLP membership began to define themselves as the Barbados Labour Party defined them, recalling that a senior International Monetary Fund official had stated that the recession which began in 2008 would last for another five years.

He however pointed out that the current economic recession was the most severe in the past 100 years. Stuart told the women gathered at the party headquarters that throughout the crisis they had been able to maintain 16 weeks of foreign reserves.

He pointed out that the global standard was 12 weeks of foreign reserves. The Prime Minister said too that during the general elections of 2008, the DLP was perceived as being at a disadvantage because it did not have a trained economist among its slate of candidates.

He however, countered this statement by noting that following the 1986 general election Errol Barrow appointed Dr. Richie Haynes†as Minister of Finance. Stuart also identified several Prime Ministers who were not ministers of finance.

Noting that his party was able to keep the ship of state on a steady course, he said British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Goerge Osborne, borrowed 14.4 billion in August to shore the economy, while at 500,000 public workers were laid off.†(NC)

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