Union wants Machel’s contract suspended

PORT OF SPAIN — Suspend soca artiste Machel Montano’s contract immediately.

That’s the demand from Joseph Remy, president of the Communications Workers Union, as he reacted to proposed moves by Telecommunication Services of T&T to keep Montano’s contract intact. TSTT in a statement yesterday, said it planned to wait until January 17 (when he will be sentenced) before it made any decision.

But Remy contends the contract should be suspended immediately.

Immediate suspension

“We are convinced that immediately upon conviction, TSTT should have suspended that endorsement contract,” he added.

Montano was convicted on Monday on four charges of assault and also of using obscene language during a fracas outside the Zen nightclub, Port-of-Spain, in April 2007.

Remy, who was speaking to the media outside of TSTT’s Human Resource Building, said TSTT’s image had been tarnished by Montano’s actions.

He added: “Publicly scold him for bringing the image of the company in disrepute and engage in some kind of process with him, to engage in some kind of rehabilitation and thereafter the company can enter into any kind of contractual obligation, then, you would rebrand his image, then they will come with any kind of marketing strategy.”

Put towards negotiations

He believes the funds saved from suspending Montano’s contract should be used to settle the negotiations. Remy said the current negotiations with TSTT regarding wage increases had reached a stalemate. This covers the 2008-2010 period for junior and senior staff after the tenth round of talks. Describing it as disrespectful, Remy said three per cent over three years was placed on the table by TSTT’s four-member negotiating team. (Guardian)

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