Times require proactivity

Yesterday, while attending the BHTA’s fourth quarterly general meeting, I heard the president of the BHTA mention that the feedback from the recent trip to World Travel Market suggested that bookings for the winter period were looking up at this point, but a much better indication will be known when we attend CHA market place in the Bahamas in January.

Patricia Affonso-Dass also mentioned that we seem to be a bit slow in getting our rates and packages loaded on-line.

After hearing this report, the very first thing I did was to check my own situation to make sure that I was not guilty of sitting back and waiting for things to happen. I know that I have written about this type of situation on many occasions, but still, we are faced with this same type of situation repeatedly year after year.

These are not normal times and everyone agrees on this position. If we all agree that being proactive and nimble are the requirements of the day in order to drive our success, then we cannot be guilty of being tardy of getting our pricing and packaging loaded.

This would be a very good time to look at our forecast for the winter and come to decisive positions as to what we want to communicate at CHA and make our positions known even before we get there. We should also decide on the partners we want to approach in order to give our decisions the best possible chance to succeed and ensure that we schedule those partners for an appointment at CHA and not leave it to chance.

Too often, I have seen colleagues attend the show and leave without getting the specific appointment that they really want in order to drive their business.

While we are at it, we should take a look at the summer months as well. If the winter forecast looks as though it will hold its own, getting started on the summer month would be a good thing to do; earlier rather than later.

Yesterday I heard Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur reiterate the importance of the tourism performance in order to generate any form of economic growth in the country.

The president of the BHTA restated her intension to speak-up for tourism and continue to lobby Government for concessions for the industry. I also heard May Hinds speak to the issue of sensitising the general public and getting everyone on board.

It seems to me that everyone is saying the same thing with special emphasis being placed on his or her area of expertise. What I want to suggest is that those of us charged with the responsibility for doing things must also have the same passion and let us get things done quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.

These are different times and we can’t have everyone agreeing that we need to make a special effort, while at the same, pointing fingers at each other. The question I feel that we are all called upon to answer is: “Am I doing everything that I can to make things work?”

* Tourism is our business, let’s play our part.

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