SOL shows soul

The children of the Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre enjoyed a visit from Sol and Santa during their Christmas party. Here, Kirk King of SOL presents Joycelyn Brathwaite with a gift basket, as students Shaquille Weekes (standing) and Dondre Hunte share a moment with Sol’s Carolyn Springer-Bryan.

SOL and Santa teamed up on December 5 to deliver a sackful of Christmas cheer to the children of the Challenor Creative Arts and Training Centre at Canefield, St. Thomas.

Social Worker of the Challenor Centre, Joycelyn Brathwaite, said the children had all been very good this year and so SOL and Santa decided they should all get what they wanted and have all the fun they could.

The children agreed and did not disappoint, screaming in delight as they enjoyed the special treats and gifts, sang their favourite songs and frolicked in the cheerfully decorated grounds of the centre, which shimmered with all the colours of Christmas.

Sales & Marketing Manager for SOL, Kirk King, said the experience with the children had been inspirational.

“These special children gave us such a warm welcome into their lives, and exemplified the kind of passion and energy that our company readily identifies with in the development of the Sol Brand across the region.

“We are indeed grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their lives and we were truly inspired by them to continue our focus on establishing SOL as not only the Caribbean’s largest independent oil company, but one that is focused on delivering an enhanced level of service to the communities which we serve.”

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the Challenor Centre, Brathwaite said both the staff and children were touched by the continued show of support from corporate Barbados.

“We are very grateful to Sol for stepping forward this year to help make this another special Christmas for the children of the Centre. Our special needs students were ecstatic and all had a wonderful time,” she said.

“Moments like these are among the most memorable for us as administrators and teachers as we get to join in the satisfaction of having made a positive difference in the children’s lives. So again, our thanks to SOL for making a difference and brightening the children’s Christmas experience.”

Brathwaite also thanked others who had contributed to making the party as enjoyable and successfu, including Country House Caterers for the delicious party treats, and Renaissance Designs who were responsible for the beautifully decorated setting.

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